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Another dizzying round of no-brow humor. The Epileprechaun searches for a recurring character. A heady debate, a BBC documentary, more White House shakeups, and a moment in the life of Laurie Anderson (no, not Loni Anderson from WKRP, although that would have been very similar, I'm sure).  Written and directed by: Jonathan Bloom. Voices: Ruby Bloom, Tricia Bloom, Caroline Drouin, Daniel V. Klein, Corey Miller, Isabel Venero, and Trace Wax. Music: "Yeah" by The Alcohol Stuntband (someone better sign these monsters of rock); "Great Big, Big, Big Head" by Alice Donut.  Background music from Ennio Morricone's "The Mission".
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Audio evidence that the "talking cure" pre-dates Freud. Written and produced by Jonathan Bloom. Voice of the shrink kindly contributed by coworker Corey Miller under pressure by me.

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Tundra Putsch I have already gotten feedback on this one. Total befuddlement. So to clarify..."goosestepping" is how fascists march. Class dismissed. Written , performed, and produced by Jonathan Bloom. Music by Wagner.
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Colorless Green Irishmen Pass Out Furiously Noam Chomsky once said that the sentence "Colorless green dreams sleep furiously" is meaningless. Well, Noam is about to meet the Epileprechaun and find out what the meaning of "meaningless" really is. Written and produced by Jonathan Bloom. Vox: Jonathan Bloom and an anonymous contributor. Kids voices: Ruby Bloom and Jesse Bloom.
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"Epileprisode 4: The Holy Trifecta" - This episode is funnier than Joan Didion's new book! Written and produced by Jonathan Bloom. Vox: Jonathan Bloom, Tricia Bloom, Ruby Bloom, Daniel V. Klein, Bobbi Manian. Music: "Pretty Lightning" by the New Bomb Turks, "Sign the Dotted Line" by the Tall Dwarves.
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Warning! Quality questionable! Written and produced by Jonathan Bloom. Vox: Daniel V. Klein. Music: "The Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Philip Sousa.
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4-hour epics. They're all alike. Written and produced by Jonathan Bloom. Vox: Jonathan and Tricia Bloom. Music by Howard Shore and Nino Rota.
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Dick Joke Look out Carrot Top! Here comes Dick! Written and Produced by Jonathan Bloom. Vox: Daniel V. Klein & Jonathan Bloom. Music: Caleb Sampson "Sysiphus In Retirement", from the soundtrack to "Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control".
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Late Breaking Music News "They can't all be've gotta expect that sometimes." -Groucho Marx. Sleep-Written and Under-Produced by Jonathan Bloom. Vox: Daniel V. Klein, Jonathan Bloom. Music: "Bang" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
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Epileprisode 3: Hollaback Giraffes â?? Bush angers Klink, "That Osama!" gets picked up by NBC, and inter-species marriage. Written and produced by Jonathan Bloom (with help from Alex Johnson and Tricia Bloom) Vox: Jonathan Bloom, Ruby Bloom, Fern Bromley, Alex R. Johnson, Daniel V. Klein. Music: â??The Alphabet of Nationsâ?? by They Might Be Giants, â??Love Is Like A Butterflyâ?? by Dolly Parton, â??Fishâ?? by Leona Anderson.
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Donate at Music by Ted Hawkins
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Epileprisode 2: Nub Justice - A dated Tom Cruise bit, the end of Mad Libs, Ben Affleck smelling like the Devil's Kimchi, Con Call of the Wild, and RIP Peter Jennings. CREDITS: Written and Produced: Jon Bloom. Vox: Jon Bloom, Ruby Bloom, Tricia Bloom, Daniel V. Klein, Alex Johnson, Bobbi Manian. Songs: "Mothra" by ?, "Lesson Learned" by The Gossip, and "Old Man" by Masta Killa and ODB.
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Epileprisode 1: Axis Bold As Evil Includes Ken Burns getting salty and George Bush getting lit up like the commonwealth. Credits: Written and produced by Jonathan Bloom. Voices: Jonathan Bloom, Ruby Bloom, Tricia Bloom, Daniel V. Klein, Rob Ganji, Bobbi Manian. Music: "Saved" by Lavern Baker, "I Don't Give a S___" by Peaches.
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